Homo sapiens with 10% Neanderthal DNA found

Most white Europeans have inherited one to four percent of all their genes from Neanderthals. But this was once more. Archaeologists have found the jaw of a man in Romania who lived 40,000 ago. Almost ten percent of this person's DNA consists of Neanderthal DNA.

This man is called Oasis 1. He lived 42,000 to 37,000 years ago, making Oasis 1 one of the first Europeans. Since 6 to 9.4 percent of the DNA of Oasis 1 comes from Neanderthals, Oasis 1 had a Neanderthal family member. Yet he probably didn't know the Neanderthal, because there were four to six generations in between. In other words, Oase 1 had a Neanderthal as the overover (over) (over) grandfather.

This is clear evidence that homo sapiens and Neanderthals had sexual intercourse roughly 200 years before Oasis 1 lived. Perhaps just in time, because 35,000 years ago the Neanderthals died out. Well, not entirely natural, because Neanderthals live on in the DNA of billions of people today.

When did they have sex?
Scientists have been trying to establish for a long time when Neanderthals and homo sapiens met and had sex. This contact gave birth to fertile children. Probably only the girls were fertile, who could then reproduce again, causing the DNA to be mixed forever. Researchers think Neanderthals and homo sapiens had sexual intercourse for the first time between 37,000 and 86,000 years ago. Since East Asians and Indians also possess Neanderthal DNA, scientists have so far assumed that crossings mainly took place with eastern non-Africans than with Europeans. Until now there was little genetic evidence that the first Europeans came into contact with Neanderthals.

The new research changes this. The short line between Neanderthals and Oasis 1 reveals that the first Europeans might also have had sex with Neanderthals.

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