Chopped enemies of the Maya discovered

Scientists have made a lurid find in a mass grave in the Mayan city of Uxul. They discovered the remains of people who were beheaded 1400 years ago and were chopped to pieces. It is probably about the Mayan prisoner of war.

In total, the remains of 24 people were recovered. The remains are exceptionally well preserved. So good in fact that the researchers of 15 people were able to determine the gender and age. It concerns thirteen men and two women who were between the ages of 18 and 42 at the time of death. A large number were malnourished.

"In most cases, even the lower jaw of the skull was detached"

Cut into pieces
Archaeologists soon realized that the people were chopped to pieces: the heads were far away from the hull. And in most cases, even the lower jaw was detached from the skull.

Cause of death
The majority of the victims have certainly died a violent death. The researchers found a skull with a crack in it. Evidence was also found that some people were beheaded.


... a spectacular frieze of the Maya has recently been discovered in Guatemala?

Who are they?
It is still unclear who the people are. Everything indicates that some of the people were up to date. Gemstones were found in their teeth. Possibly they are nobles from other Mayan cities that were made prisoners of war. We know from the art that the Maya left behind these prisoners of war. On these artworks you can see how enemies of the Maya are chopped into pieces.

Another possibility is that the dead are nobles from Uxul itself. To find out the truth, the researchers want to perform an isotope analysis. Such an analysis can very accurately show where the dead spent their lives.

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