An account with DSB? Your testosterone value has dropped!

BIOLOGY Have you lost money with the demise of DSB Bank? Are you a fan of RKC Waalwijk? Did you hope that McCain would become the US president? Your testosterone level may be lower than before. Men who lose have less testosterone in their blood than men who win. Scientists think this has to do with the struggle for dominance among men.

Scientists investigated the amount of testosterone in the body of 163 people, both men and women, just before the US presidential election. The men who were in favor of Barack Obama had a stable amount of testosterone in their bodies after the victory of America's first black president. The John McCain voters had less testosterone in their blood after the defeat of their favorite.

Testosterone is linked to aggression, risk taking and how to deal with threats. The testosterone levels of animals and humans are constantly falling and rising. After a competition, a rise helps the winner. A fall helps the loser. Winners are motivated to continue in order to win even more victories. Losers are encouraged to take a step back to ensure that they do not 'injure' themselves.

Is your political party just losing seats? Then switch to another winning party. You will probably feel better because of that.

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