Pentagon: "Space waste is a danger"

A Pentagon report states that space debris may pose a risk to communication satellites, among other things. Space travel expert Bharath Gopalaswamy estimates that more than 370,000 pieces of waste and 1,100 satellites are floating around in the low orbit of the earth.

A collision between two satellites can potentially trigger a chain reaction and thus destroy other satellites. Moreover, thousands of other pieces of discarded material could be bounced off, making the chance of even more damage real. It can be even worse: full orbits could become unusable for both commercial and military satellites.

The Pentagon also fears a threat to the international space station and its crew.

The United States now wants to work with the United Nations to develop guidelines to avoid space waste in the future. The 'Space Debris Mitigration Guidelines', which was published in 2009, already states that countries are being urged to remove spacecraft and launchers after the end of a mission. Tidy is neat!

Mazlan Othman, director of the UN Office for Space Affairs, says: “Space and laws are also needed in space. It is very important that we can ensure the lifestyle on earth so that it is not under pressure from space problems. ”With this, Othman refers to GPS and other communication satellites, which could seriously affect GSM, computer and television systems. to disturb.

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