Space rock flies twice through the Earth's atmosphere

Can a space stone fly through the atmosphere twice? Yes, and a week and a half ago this was visible from the earth for the first time.

On September 21, a fireball was visible above the North Sea. The object in question did not burn in the atmosphere, but managed to leave the earth's atmosphere. But not for long. Less than three hours later, the space rock landed again in the atmosphere above North America.

How is this possible? In fact, it's pretty simple. The small asteroid skimmed horizontally through the atmosphere above Europe. Because the atmosphere is convex - just like the earth - the space stone could leave the atmosphere. However, the asteroid was slowed down, as a result of which the object was unable to escape the influence of the earth's gravity. The result: a double impact.

To slow
The double impact is confirmed by calculations by the Finnish mathematician Esko Lyytinen. His calculations show that the asteroid above the North Sea was slowed down to 9.2 kilometers per second. This is too slow to escape the appeal of the earth.

Lyytinen claims that the space stone had a mass of at least a few tons. The object was possibly an Aten-asteroid, according to the blog of fireball expert Marco Langbroek (via This group of asteroids comes close to the earth.