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The very, very, funniest thing about science is that it can surprise so well. Hopefully you are ready for some interesting surprises, because in the coming weekends we will be bombarding you with interesting trivia with a very high 'that-can-be-almost-not-true-content'. Enjoy it!

Heavy matter
Have you ever wondered how much dust falls from space on Earth every year? We do! And fortunately the USGS (United States Geological Survey) too. According to this organization, an estimated 1000 million grams or 1000 tons of material from the Earth's atmosphere lands every year. There are scientists who claim that alien organisms fall to earth in this way and cause pandemics. Let's just leave that last one aside.

Crazy fish
Scientists were puzzled when they came across fishing rods. Strangely enough, they could only find females here. And those ladies also all had a strange parasite with them. Then the penny dropped: the parasite that is a remnant of the male! The male fishing rodent is born without a digestive tract and must therefore find a female quickly. When he has discovered it, he bites her and releases an enzyme that digests his and her skin so that they literally melt together. Not only a very poetic but also very practical move: as soon as the female spawns, the male is always there and he only has to let go of his sperm.

Long day
Did you know that the days on earth are getting longer and longer? The moon is moving away from us. A billion years ago, the moon was much closer and took 20 days to go around the earth. A day then lasted eighteen hours. The moon moves about four centimeters away from us every year. In the meantime, the earth is also rotating more slowly, making our days longer twice as fast.

He will live long
Okay ... we humans don't have eternal life. But some plants apparently do. Research has shown that there are creosote bushes on earth that have also witnessed the beginning of the era. Theoretically, it should be possible for these plants to reach 10,000 years of age.

With immigrants in the stomach
Are you sure that you are completely yourself? Indeed, there is enough scientific evidence to assume that you share your body with many other entities. In fact, there are more cells in your body with a different DNA than cells with your own blood genes. How is that possible? Ask the hundred billion bacteria that are found in your stomach and intestines, among other things. They all have their own DNA and are therefore actually immigrant residents.

Gender change
Clown fish have a real hierarchy. The direction is always in the hands of the greatest female. When she disappears from the group for whatever reason, her male partner turns into a female and he (or rather: she) leads the group. The male that is in the pecking order directly below the sex-changed clown fish becomes his new partner.

Here comes the city!
Now it is a good seven hours drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles, but in 15 million years it will be very different. The San Andreas fault line that runs from north to south draws Los Angeles about five centimeters closer to San Francisco each year. That means that Los Angeles will be a suburb of San Francisco within fifteen million years.

Stubborn line
Did you know that a naked tiger still has stripes? The stripes are also printed on the skin. That is handy, because even if a tiger loses all its hair, it is still well camouflaged.