Quiet day for Atlantis astronauts

One more space walk and then the work is done for the astronauts of the Alantis space shuttle. Two previous space walks at the international space station were successfully performed. Today, the astronauts of mission STS-132 have a day off.

The day off gives the astronauts the opportunity to relax. Calling at home, surfing the internet or looking at the earth? It's all allowed! The only task accomplished today is to open Rassvet, a new Russian room. This compartment is linked to the space station during the second space walk. Rus Oleg Kotov will open the room while wearing an oxygen mask to protect himself against floating dust and other waste.

The last space walk will take place tomorrow. The astronauts will then replace the last two batteries of the P6 coupling of the international space station. Make no mistake: these batteries are real heavyweights. They each weigh 170 kilos. Fortunately, there is extremely little gravity in the international space station, which makes moving batteries a lot easier than on Earth.

Four other batteries were installed earlier this week. The space walk of tomorrow is less complex than the previous two space walks.

The astronauts of Atlantis hope to land on Earth at the end of next week. A historic moment, because it is the last time that Atlantis returns from a space mission. The shuttle will retire.

Video: A Day In The Life Of The Space Shuttle Astronauts (July 2019).