Very old cave drawings discovered in Romania

Scientists have found cave drawings in northern Romania that are around 35,000 years old. The drawings include a buffalo, a horse and a rhino. They are the oldest images ever discovered in Central Europe. The researchers speak of a great discovery that is absolutely real.

Seventh century village found in Saudi Arabia

A village from the seventh century has been found close to the shores of the Arabian Gulf. In the village, twenty houses, five water sources, earthenware objects with inscriptions, broken scissors and shells have been found. The village is not mentioned in any history book and more research is therefore necessary.

Albatross a kilo heavier due to a different wind

Changes in wind cause the giant albatross to find food faster and on average has become a kilo heavier. Scientists conclude that in the journal Science. They studied the data of giant albatrosses in the South Indian Ocean. Faster at home The researchers followed the giant alarm clusters as they searched for food and saw that their route has changed in recent years.

Nothing wrong with Greenland's whale nose

Various whales - including the killer whale - do not have the nerves needed to smell well. So, for the sake of convenience, it was assumed that the Greenland whale also received little by the nose. Unjustified, it now appears: there is nothing wrong with the nose of the Greenland whale. Researcher Hans Thewissen had heard from colleagues that the Inupiaq (a tribe of the Eskimos) use fire to catch Greenland whales.

Cities attract hurricanes

A new scientific study shows that the texture of a landscape influences the movement of a storm. This means that current computer models must be adjusted. "Tall buildings in cities exert greater friction on the swirling jet stream," said Professor Johnny Chan of the University of Hong Kong.

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First kitchen princess possibly 1.9 million years old

New research indicates that the humanoid was already busy with pots and pans almost two million years ago. How do researchers know when the first people started to prepare their food? The scientists rely on the teeth and stomach of the old people. Food that is prepared is easier to chew and therefore does not require huge teeth.

Space rock flies twice through the Earth's atmosphere

Can a space stone fly through the atmosphere twice? Yes, and a week and a half ago this was visible from the earth for the first time. On September 21, a fireball was visible above the North Sea. The object in question did not burn in the atmosphere, but managed to leave the earth's atmosphere.

European satellite Gaia can discover tens of thousands of planets

The recently launched Gaia satellite can discover 21,000 exoplanets in the coming years. And if the mission is extended by another five years, it could even be 70,000. Researchers predict that. Those are huge numbers. Certainly when you consider that discovering new planets is not Gaia's most important mission goal.

Tomb of leader of Sicán discovered

Peruvian archaeologists have discovered the remains of one of the leaders of Sicán in Lambayeque. Sicán was a civilization that rose and fell between 700 and 1375 - before the famous Incas ruled in this area. The archaeologists made their discovery after being instructed by the Peruvian government to save the pyramids of the Sicán: human intervention and flooding have seriously damaged the structures.

Viruses may also be found in space, but then we have to look for them

They are abundantly present on earth, so why should space be different? No organism is as common on earth as the viruses: it is estimated that they are 10 to 100 times more numerous than any other (cellular) organism on earth. In addition, everything indicates that viruses have been on the planet for an extremely long time and have played a central role in the origin and development of life on our planet.

Best photo made of bubbles blowing black hole

Astronomers have photographed a bubble-blowing black hole. It is one of the best images ever made of the huge bubbles that black holes can emit. On the photo we see the black hole that is in the heart of the Messier 87 galaxy. The black hole that we find here is one of the heaviest black holes ever discovered: it is about six billion times heavier than the sun.

Spoiler makes story more fun

New research proves that spoilers who betray how books, films or series end up do not spoil the fun at all. They make it more fun. Some people can be completely upset if someone else tells them how a book that they have not yet read ends. And let's be honest: it often seems more fun to discover for yourself how stories go in films, books or series.

Beautiful Crab Nebula reveals itself completely

Astronomers have collected data from different telescopes to make a beautiful photo of the Crab Nebula. Almost the full electromagnetic spectrum can be seen: from the long radio waves by the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array to the extremely short X-rays seen through the eyes of the Chandra X-ray observatory.

Chopped enemies of the Maya discovered

Scientists have made a lurid find in a mass grave in the Mayan city of Uxul. They discovered the remains of people who were beheaded 1400 years ago and were chopped to pieces. It is probably about the Mayan prisoner of war. In total, the remains of 24 people were recovered. The remains are exceptionally well preserved.

Live blog: SpaceX launches the Dragon capsule

For the first time a commercial spacecraft is going to visit the ISS. The space capsule is expected to depart at 9.44 am (Dutch time). Follow it live here! 10.00 am: For now we can call the first major mission of SpaceX a great success. The coming days will show whether SpaceX can also live up to further expectations.