Donate a Laptop

donate1 Laptops For Veterans collects unwanted laptop computers and tablets — working or not. Our team of volunteers repair/refurbish as needed to provide working laptop computers to veterans in need.

Do you have an unwanted laptop or tablet computer you can donate to a good cause? 

Donate to Laptops For Veterans and:

  1. donate2Help support veterans and their families in need to get a working laptop computer so they can find a job, go back to school, or earn an income from home.
  2. Every laptop we receive is securely erased to ensure none of your personal information is left behind.  We provide this service as a FREE added benefit of donating — others charge a separate fee or require you to do this yourself.
  3. donate3Even if your laptop is beyond repair — our expert volunteers can disassemble and dispose of it in a correct, environmentally-conscious manner.  Plus, anything we take in for scrap value goes to pay for much needed repairs on other laptops.
  4. And, of course, get a tax deduction for the value of your donation.

How to donate your laptop or tablet

Perhaps you heard about us through a collection event at a local church or civic group, or perhaps you received a friendly donation card on your front door.  Even if you missed us, it’s not too late to donate your laptop or tablet.  Here’s how:

(Note — we are in the process of raising money to make pre-paid shipping labels available through this website.  This will make the donation process a lot simpler, but, as with most things, will cost us money to provide.  We’re not quite there yet, so for now please continue to follow these steps to donate your laptop.)