aboutLaptops For Veterans is a non-profit organization providing working computers free-of-charge to U.S. Military veterans and military families in need.

Let’s face it, in today’s world a working computer is essential to success — whether to get through school, find a job, or earn an income from home.  The brave men and women who defend our freedom around the globe often return to face a different kind of struggle — whether it be financial, physical, or emotional — at home.  Our mission is to find those veterans who are the most in need, and, by providing them the essential tools to get online, equip them for lifelong success.

How does the process work?

  1. A small, dedicated team of volunteers collect donations of unwanted laptops and tablets — working or not — through neighborhood collections, and from online donations through this website.
  2. Every laptop we receive is examined and sorted based on it’s suitability for repair and/or placement.  All items are securely erased to ensure no personal data from the previous owner is left behind.
  3. Working laptops, and those that can reasonably be fixed, are repaired, cleaned, and given a fresh install of an operating system and all the basic software.  Laptops too far gone and/or not worth fixing are dismantled and sold for parts or scrap.  (Any money earned allows us to buy much needed parts for other laptops still worth saving.)
  4. Laptops For Veterans reaches out through various civic groups to identify veterans and their families who could most benefit.  Laptops are then placed based on 1) the urgency of the need, and 2) length of time on our waiting list.

If you are a veteran in need of a working laptop — apply online using our Request a Laptop form.